We THE AD CODERS an advertising agency based in Guwahati city, provide solutions that fit the ever-changing needs of today's businesses, brands, and marketing world, to better understand the target customers and to provide marketing solutions as per trend and market need. We adapt to the changes so you can adapt too. We mold your vision to fit within your projected budget and to provide you with the greatest value possible to generate the highest return through our business tools.

Unique solutions for your business are essential for your success in the crowded marketplace that is growing at a tremendous pace. You need to stand out from the crowd and send your message to your target audience in a different and meaningful way. So that they can understand your brand better and make your brand an acceptable brand in the market.

We offer 360 degree solutions based on your goals, budget, and vision. We offer different strategies for accomplishing short and long term marketing goals.

We can work with most budgets, and provide shorter term options so that we can better tailor long term campaigns using performance metrics and data analysis.


We provide concept along with execution of unique and innovative designs for your brand.

We provide Brand Consultation, Graphic Design, 2D Designing/ Painting & Printing Services, 3D Event / BTL Activity Setup / Marriage Setup design, Home Interior & Shop Design, Execution & Branding, Innovative Content Design, Events, Wedding Planner, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website/App Designing, Bulk Email & SMS Marketing, E-commerce strategy development and marketing, Lead Generation Strategy, Hospitality Management, Outdoor Advertising, Print Media, Audio, Video & Photography Concept & Design etc.


A World Class innovative concept & ideas to build your brand more louder.

Brand Consultant

We provide exclusive Brand Consultant for your Brand. Which is unique and out of the box branding & marketing plans for your product or brand. Our Brand Consultant team will provide plans for your future brand building exercise to out-stand your brand from other competitor and acceptable by your target customers.

Creative Designing

We create unique eye-catching and meaningful designs for your brand. We design logos, info-graphics, social media & digital ad campaign design, stationery, packaging design, banners, billboard design, standee, leaflets, posters, pamphlets, folders, menu, freehand sketches, and also provide the printing solutions with material selection, paper quality, new printing art etc.

2D Designing

We provide unique 2D creative & 3D designs innovative design layout for your brand. We also provide printing solutions, selection of paper, material and printing art, which fits your brand or product.

3D Designing

We provide innovative 3D design for BTL activity (Van or installation), awards and memento design with production and material selection, award function setup, event setup, marriages setup, birthday party or expo stalls with full planning and calculation.

Branding & Interior Designing

We provide trending interior and exterior designs that fit your shops, home or offices. Unique concept and design which will attract your audiences and make your brand a unique value.

Content Design

Content is the key to reach your target audience. We deliver quality and fresh content to hit the customers in a unique way. We provide brand names, tag lines, content for leaflets, posters, brochures, emails content, SMS content and website content as per SEO base and also contant for social media marketing, post, blogs etc.


We provide innovative Event layout concept, planning & design along with execution of unique and innovative setup for your brand.

Wedding Planner

We provide marriage layout concept & design along with execution of unique and innovative setup for your family or friends. Wedding is an occasion of beautiful life events. We believe in creating good moments by good planning. We offer planning, designing and execution of setup as per design and layout.

Digital Marketing

We provide digital branding strategy plans, marketing competitive analysis, content marketing, email marketing campaigns, paid campaign plans, video marketing plans, digital local business development strategy, strategy and analytics consultant, lead generation campaign etc.


We provide services SEO strategy that deliver and drive results, e-commerce SEO to get more clicks, conversion and increase sales on your website. Technical SEO and SEO analytics that deliver the maximum results identifying opportunities for improvement by digging into your website’s technical details.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a smart bet for Your business. Social media campaigns are low-cost to run and can be specifically targeted to the audience that you want to reach. We provide SMM plans that hit your target audiences with periodical organic posts which is attractive and understandable. We can handle your social media accounts in Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn & youtube.

Lead Generation Strategy

We provide B2B and B2C lead generation strategy plans to reach more customers. Lead campaigns to collect the database of your customers and to get a prospect leads for successful campaign.

E-commerce strategy development and marketing

If your business is an online store which is selling products or services, you might be interested in helpful advice on how to reach more customers using an E-commerce strategy. A strategy is a summary of how your store is planning to achieve its goals and improve its position in the market. There are different types of strategies depending on the goals. In this case, we will focus on how to reach more customers for your e-commerce business.

Website Designing

We provide quality website design that fits your product and services. We provide user friendly mobile sites, which is easy to use, direct and sore higher in SEO to get a better result in search. We design sites using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, SQL, Google API integration, Social Widgets Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and native and hybrid ISO and Android sites or applications.

Bulk Email & SMS Marketing

Design email campaigns from scratch with fresh marketer’s intuitive. Create captivating emails & SMS for your audience with responsive templates. Make your customers feel special? Personalized emails & SMS services that speak to them directly. Build unique trigger-based customer journeys. Deliver contextual messages to your audience at the right time and convert faster. Customer segmentation to create smart segments for your audience for better automation.

Hospitality Management

We provide one-stop platform for all your hospitality management needs. Our manpower service comprises wedding, seminar, conference, event etc.

Outdoor Advertising

We provide billboards advertising displayed in popular locations. Lamp Post, Bridge, Guerilla Advertising concept & designing and execution, Point of Sale Displays concept & designing, transit Advertising concept & designing, Retail Advertising concept & designing, Stunt Advertising concept & designing.

Print Media

We provide Brand Awareness by promoting your product offerings through different advertisements media. We can advise on the media buy and placement options, working with publications to release materials on time and on proper specification. We also organised press meet & designs (invitation, press kit, invitation to media reporters, venue branding, gifting etc.) for your brand, event or launch programme.

Audio, Video & Photography Concept & Design

We provide Professional Services in Audio, Video, photography ad production with concept and script as well as promotional & marketing strategy services. Digital promotional ad campaign videos to fit your product and brand.



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